Tazworks TazWorks portfolio

This gallery provides a sampling of my work at TazWorks on our main product, the Instascreen web app. Instascreen is an application targeted to the background screening industry to help background screeners manage their workflow and grow their business.

I am currently a fullstack software engineer at Tazworks, working in Java on the backend and building the front end in React and Redux. I joined Tazworks in February, 2018, initially as a front-end developer but since then I have come to lead the front end team and have learned Java, expanding the scope of my work to include full stack projects.

In addition to the projects featured below, my notable accomplishments at TazWorks include:

  • lead the conversion of front-end state management from Flux to Redux.
  • lead the implementation of UI testing with Jest and React-Testing-Library.
  • reduced the bundle size of our custom component library by 65%.
  • developed a full-featured rich text editor based on the Draft.js framework for React.

All screenshots featured below represent projects for which the UI development is exclusively my own work. The Manage Contacts and Required Fields screenshots are from two of several full stack projects where I did both the front-end and back-end development.

See more examples of my work at evmorrison.com.

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